Claus' Morse Code Trainer (Learn CW)

**Free: no ads, no privacy intrusion, no hidden fees, fully open source**The recommended way to learn Morse code (cw) is not by remembering dots and dashes but by remembering the sound.This app plays character, words and phrases in Morse code, gives you a brief moment of time to recognize it and then speaks out loud the answer. Allowing you to learn Morse code without having to look at or interact with your phone. Hopefully the app helps you and me learn to copy Morse code in our heads.Features:* User setting to repeat character/word/phrases multiple times before going to the next one.* User setting to give hint before/after Morse code. Allows you to practice reading and generating Morse code in your head.* Your own custom word list (see below).* Set speed, farnsworth spacing, pitch, and more.* Dark mode, to match your phones theme.The app comes with the following word lists:* abc.txt - contains the alphabet (a to z)* numbers.txt - contains numbers (1 to 9 and 0)* symbols.txt - period, stoke and question mark* abc_numbers_symbols.txt - combination of the three files above* memory_words.txt - some memory wordsThe app requires write access to your device's USB storage in order to work. The directory "Claus' Morse Trainer" will be created for the words lists. The directory can be safely deleted after you uninstall the program.You can create your own custom files with characters, words or phrases that you want to learn. Just create a text file with each character, word or phrase on a separate line. If the Morse text and spoken text is different then separate them with a vertical pipe "|". E.g.:tu|thank youTip: The Google Text-to-speech engine sounds quite a bit better than the Samsung Text-to-speech engine that is enabled by default.This app is created of love of coding and amateur radio. Done in a professional manner but purely as a hobby. To enhance your and my ability "speak" Morse code and to to operate CW on the air waves. Not only is the app free, but the source code is viewable on Github. No data is collected by the app, so there is no need for a privacy policy.Please report any issues and errors via GitHub ( ). Ideas and code contributions to improve the Morse code trainer are welcome as well.73, Claus (AE0S)
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 4.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0.3 and up