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HIDE AND SEEK SUN is a game conceived by the French League against cancer.In this memo you must find a maximum of pairs in the minimum of time. You can win bonus points by clicking on the Smiley each time you find a pair.If needed, you can take a break in the game by sliding the application available in the background.Playable from the age 3 to 99, this memory and speed game has three levels of difficulty. The very young can start a game at the easy level, with 8 cards (4 pairs) and end at the most difficult level with 48 cards (24 pairs).During the game, the sun messes around by mixing the cards within each round.Dont forget you must protect yourself against the sun during outdoor activities.The correct protection: to avoid sun exposure between 12 and 16h00, shade, clothes, hat, sunglasses, and sun cream.>>Message for parents and adults:The French League against cancer reminds you that sun burns during childhood and intermittent intense sun exposures at an adult age, increase the risk of developing skin cancer.Although the sun has many benefits (favors the production of vitamin D and its light is good for the morale) part of the rays are harmful for health. The ultraviolet rays (UV) are dangerous for the eyes and the skin.Exposure to ultraviolet rays is an avoidable environmental health threat! Reduction of exposure and protection from sun rays must be a priority to preserve everyones health: Adequate clothing, outing hours, shady areas.Simple measures allow all outdoor activities in a secure manner. Special attention must be given to children, as their skin is delicate and sensitive and they are therefore, more than adults, liable to sun threats and could suffer severe burnsThis game was conceived, so that parents and adults, recall the importance of protection measures against sun rays and make them become a reflex: at all ages and for all outside activities such as the beach or swimming pool, shade, protecting clothes and sun cream are indispensableEncouraging children to take simple precautions, avoids both sunburns and long term problemsAll over France, the French League against cancer endeavors to increase public awareness on harms due to sun rays and to inform of protection measures by organising specific events or manifestations. Since 2012, the French League has also created an important event, The week of protection against the sun.All year round the French League against cancer proposes prevention and health education programmes: Interventions in schools, during after-school activities, workshops with the teachers, training of teachers, particularly for those working with younger children.Knowing that education measures are not effective enough to reduce the rate of melanomas and skin cancers, the French League against cancer encourages local authorities by recalling the importance of making available shady areas allowing protection against the sun.>>About the French League against cancerThe French League is a non-governmental, public interest recognized organization.Existing all over the French territory its action relies on public generosity and the commitment of non paid and paid members.Its missions are Financial support of research on cancer Information of the public, prevention and promotion of cancer screening Actions for patients and close relatives Mobilization of society against cancer.Facing cancer we are stronger
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System Requirements Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.