CareerGuide -The Counsellor App

The CareerGuide - The Counsellor app is a closed-door hub of career counsellors from across the country.This counselling platform is a carefully ideated community for a symbiotic relationship between the students and the counsellors. Those counsellors who are registered with the app expose themselves to myriad professional opportunities. Yes, as a counsellor, one has several benefits, some of them are listed below.Instant chatA counsellor gets to offer career advice to students via online chat. If a student is looking for career guidance, he or she can get connected to the counsellor instantly with the help of online chat option, thereby allowing the counsellor to offer instant counselling.Video-conferenceThere is an option of video-conference with the students for a live counselling sitting. If a student wishes to use the video option for a clearer understanding of his or her doubts, the counsellor has the opportunity to counsel him or her via video.Phone counsellingThe students could connect via phone for an interactive counselling session. The traditional method of counselling through is available for those students who do not have the access to advance technology. The option applies to those counsellors as well without an access to video or chat option.Earn moneyThe counsellors app empowers counsellors to earn through their counselling services offered via various channels. One gets to earn from home by rendering their services in a smooth manner.Personal establishmentCareerGuide Counsellor app facilitates to set up own counselling practice. While the app is a platform to connect with students and offer counselling to them, we also aid in helping a counsellor establish his or her own counselling practice.Gain visibilityAllows a counsellor to build online visibility and credibility. Having an online profile on the app will help a counsellor gain much visibility and earn points for good guidance.Grow the networkAs a counsellor, one gets to connect with peers from across the region. As one connects with students for guiding them, also form relationship with other counsellors and grow ones network.How to become a member on the appTo be part of the counsellor app, one must have completed the CareerGuide Certification Course for Guiding Students. Post which, the counsellor will gain a 6-character access code (UAC) to help you log on the cousellor app.Benefits of CareerGuide Certification Course for Guiding StudentsModern trendsThe certification course helps the counsellor to gain command over the new age counselling techniques that help one to offer the services better to current tech savvy generation.Upgrade your knowledgeAs one undergoes the course, a counsellor is trained to acquire the knowledge and understanding of the new age careers. It helps the counsellor to be in synch with the current trends in education.CareerGuide ecosystemThe course acquaints one with the ecosystem that surrounds the platform. Therefore, ensuring that the counsellors those are members of the app are aware of the expectations vice versa.
License Free
Version 1.1.32-counsellor
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up