KD Campus E Book

Get Free Videos Solutions to all Questions from our App.To Start :Install the KD Campus E Book App after downloading it from Android Play Store App.Use your Phone No. or E-mail to make an account.To Enroll in the Online BookOpen the KD Campus E Book App in your PhoneSelect the "My Books" Option in the main menu.Click on the "Add Book" to start the QR Code scanner.To add your Book, scratch the strip of the QR code given in this page and then scan the QR code.Please do not give this QR code to anyone else you will not be able to watch online videos of this book.To Enroll yourself for online contents of this book, scan the QR code from the App.To Read the Online Contents of BookThere is a QR code in every chapter of this book.To scan the QR code of any chapter, Open the KD Campus E Book App and go to chapter screenof the main menu and scan the QR Code.On scanning properly, the screen will open on which all the questions of this page and theironline explanation will be available.To see the explanation of any question, Click on the question.You can watch any question later if you bookmark the question.Tips to scan QR Code:Put the book on a plane surface.Hold your phone on the QR Code. QR Codes scanner should remain within the quadrant on the scanner screen and is displayed properly.Allow sufficient light on the QR code while scanning. You can turn on the flash light on the QR Code scanner in the App.If scanned properly a screen will open, on which all the questions and online explanation of this page will available.
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up