How to patent an idea in India : Complete Course

Online course on Patent in India : How to take your innovative idea from idea stage to granted patent in India in quickest time, saving costs and making money with patented inventionYou can immediately access complete course from mobile or computer by logging in to Website or as mobile app which has* Step by step Guidelines from idea to granted patent* 3+ hours of videos* detailed steps with explanation in detail* worksheets flow, charts, checklists* and expert advice on phone , email for your requirements and questionsThis course is based on a best selling book how to patent an idea in India which is selected as memorable business book of 2018information covered in articles and videos1. IntroductionIntroductionWhat this course will achieve for youOutline of entire course2. Patent basicsDo I need Patent ? is it worth ? or shall I use same Money elsewhere ?What is Patent? and invention? what we can learn form its definitionWhat inventions are Patentable in India ?What inventions are Not Patentable in India?Short overview of Steps and Procedure for getting Patent in India3. Idea incubation phaseHow to identify innovative ideas with potential to win patent ?How to get absolute clarity on your innovative idea ?How to do a preliminary search for your innovative idea?How to review the results you got from this preliminary search ?When to get encouraged and when to get discouraged based on search results ?Creating Final Draft of complete invention disclosureMistakes to avoid in Idea incubation phase4. Working with Patent Agent AttorneyDo I really need patent agent or patent attorney ?Can I file patent myself without patent professional ?Common mistake if you are do it yourselfWriting patent application is a specialized skillAdvantages of hiring with patent agent or attorneyFirst meeting with patent attorneyDrafting the first claim in the meeting itselfPatentability search or Novelty searchWriting Patent application (patent drafting)How patent attorney works on your inventionProactively speeding up the process5. Types of Patent ApplicationDifferent types of Patent ApplicationDocuments required for filing of A Patent ApplicationInternational Patent application Patent co-operation treaty (PCT)Provisional patent applicationAdvantages of Provisional patent applicationMistakes to avoid in Provisional Application6. Steps for getting patentDetailed steps and procedure for PatentComplete flow chart from Idea to granted patentStep 1 : Idea incubation Phasestep 2 : Filing patent applicationstep 3 : Publication of applicationstep 4 : Request for examination (RFE)step 5 : Examination of applicationstep 6 : Response to objections or First Examination Report7. Grant of PatentGrant of patentpre grant and Post grant oppositionPatent renewal8. After the Grant of PatentRights of a patenteePatent Infringement9. Making Money with Patentstrategies for making money with your PatentLicensing your patent to a businessSelling your patented invention to a businessGetting funded for your patent and building business10. Time required for PatentHow much time required for filing patent applicationHow much time required for grant of patentWays to reduce time for grant of patent Expedited Examination of Patent applicationStartup firm under DIPP and its advantagesPatent Pending or Patent filed status and its advantages11. Cost of getting PatentCost of filing patent in India by normal routeCost of filing patent in India by Expedited routeCost benefits for startups under DIPPCost benefits for Students and academics12. About Prasad Karhad Patent in India PlatformAbout Prasad Karhad and Patent in India PlatformContact us and office locationsYour Patent requirementAsk your questions
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