Sight Words Made Easy by EBLI

Kids and adults are becoming great at reading, spelling, writing, and handwriting with the EBLI Reading Adventure Apps!EBLIs 3rd App, Sight Words Made Easy, teaches students to accurately read and spell sight words (regular and irregular high frequency words) by sound and accurately read and use homophones. It is intended for those who have a general reading foundation and is a great segue for new readers who have already learned the basics from Reading Adventures with Booker Series, #1 EBLI Island and #2 EBLI Space.While containing the exceptional quality of EBLIs previous apps, Sight Words Made Easy is more advanced and contains EBLI instruction for learners of all ages (up to adults). The information, skills, and concepts taught teach irregular and regular words by sound. Instruction benefits readers of every age and level by improving their word reading accuracy, providing advanced phonics knowledge, and improving reading speed and comprehension.EBLIs multi-sensory instruction through learning activities and games will greatly accelerate the learners acquisition of reading, improve handwriting, and decrease the habit of guessing sight words when reading in text.The App has introductory activities to the EBLI concepts:Up to 4 letters can spell a soundSounds can be spelled in a variety of waysThe same spelling can represent many different soundsThere are two main activities: Sight Words and HomophonesAnalytics are available to follow student progress. Motivational reinforcement is included and rewards are unlocked as students move through the activities.Sight WordsEach set includes 4 words13 sets in the Foundational level16 sets in the Intermediate level10 sets in the Advanced levelHomophonesEach set contains 2-3 homophones25 sets in the Foundational level25 sets in the Intermediate level23 sets the in Advanced levelEBLI Activities included in this app:Tap and saySay and writeDot and dashIdentify wordsWords shown in a list with a picture to teach vocabularyA sentence is dictated and the student types itSpelling and punctuation error correctionSentence read through the app as the words are highlightedPeterson Handwriting (a stylus is recommended on iPhone-sized devices)Skills and ConceptsThe skills and concepts taught in EBLI Reading Adventures Sight Words Made Easy include:SkillsSegmenting: pulling sounds apartBlending: pushing sounds togetherPhoneme Manipulation: moving sounds around in wordsPeterson Handwriting: correct letter formationFluency: reading smoothly with inflectionWriting: spelling words correctly and using correct punctuationHomophone instruction: correct spelling and definition of words that sound the same but look different and are spelled differentlySight Words: reading words accurately by soundConceptsWords are made up of soundsTeaching the most common spelling for each sound (each 1 letter spelling has a sound that most commonly represents)Words must be read from left to rightLetters must be written from top to bottom, and from left to right1, 2, 3, or 4 letters can spell 1 soundAccurately reading high frequency wordsMulti-syllable strategyError correctionsVocabulary instructionTo provide feedback or ask questions, contact us at EBLI SystemEBLI Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction is a system that teaches learners of all ages and ability levels to reach their highest potential in reading. EBLI has been implemented in over 300 schools and has been continuously refined through training and coaching thousands of classroom teachers and others. EBLI was developed from what research has shown to be necessary to teach anyone to reach their highest potential as well as from almost 2 decades of work with clients of all ages and ability levels at Ounce of Prevention Reading Center in Flushing, MI.
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Version 1.2
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System Requirements Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.