Frederick: Learn to Read

Frederick lets speakers of ANY language learn to read, spell and pronounce Englishwith the spin of a wheel! No studying or memorizing. Improve instantly through play!Because traditional English programs are boring, confusing and ineffective, manyEnglish students struggle to become confident, fluent speakers.So we removed everything that makes these old methods frustrating and made a NEWway for students to teach THEMSELVES, THEIR way! With Frederick, you can correctyour mistakes instantly and develop all of your communication skills as fast as you like.Its like having a native English teacher with you wherever you go!How Frederick Works:You move step-by-step through the reading levels of PHONICS also learning SIGHTWORDS from the alphabet and single sounds to words and full sentences.In each levels Explore Mode, you DISCOVER the rules of phonics, spelling andpronunciation by making different letter combinations. You learn the real, nativepronunciation of words, and increase your vocabulary.Then you test your knowledge and skills with different games. Winning proves youvemastered a lesson!Theres a Word Bank where you can see all of the words youve found, and you canalso unlock all levels and modes with Teacher Mode.Frederick works offline, and you can easily track progress with word counters andrewards!Free Levels:1. the alphabet (Aa, Ba, Cc)2. short vowels and consonants (at, in, up)3. three-letter words (cat, bug, pig)Pay the one-time upgrade fee to get instant access to levels 4-12, PLUS access to levels9-35 as they are released. (Upgrade within the first 30 minutes of using Frederick andget 50% OFF! As new levels are released, the upgrade fee will go up.)4. consonant blends (CRab, STop, deSK)5. consonant digraphs (CHip, SHip, loCK)6. ng, nk (riNG, siNK, taNK)7. al, all, el, ell, il, ill, ul, ull, le (bALL, mILk, jungLE)8. magic/silent e (lakE, linE, modE)9. long A (rAIn, mAIl, pAY, EIGHt...)10. long E (sEAl, mEAl, bE, fIEld, candY, kEY...)11. long I (pIE, tIE, hIGH, wIld, kInd, flY...)12. long O (bOAt, gOAt, lOW, gO, fOld, vOlt...)13-35 Coming soon!Frederick Is Perfect For:Adult English language learners who want to understand the rules of spelling andpronunciation so they can quickly reduce their accent and understand natives moreeasily.Teachers and parents (even those with NO EXPERIENCE teaching reading) who wanta simple, natural and fun way to teach kids or adults to read, spell and pronounceEnglish. There are no confusing instructions in Frederick, and theres no system tolearn, so even a two-year-old can use this simple tool all by themselves!When all 35 levels are released, there will be OVER 2,000 words and sentences tolearn in Frederick. So install Frederick now and upgrade before the price goes up.Learn more: questions or need support? Mail us: info@englishanyone.comThanks so much for trying Frederick! We hope you like it. :)
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 4.99.19
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up