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The Talking Page English Linguistics Program is a neurolinguistic based program that instructs English learners using sounds of English phonemes, morphemes, and the writing and spelling of English words in isolation.Neurolinguistics is the study of how the human brain learns and processes written and oral language. In order to teach individuals with different learning styles, the program utilizes four learning pathways to the mind, which are hearing, saying, seeing, and writing.Why TalkingPage?The TalkingPageTM App encapsulates the process of Seeing, Hearing, Saying and Writing 70 SONOgrams that describe the working set of 26 letters and 44 phonemes that are needed to write English speech on paper.Using the TalkingPageTM App , by seeing then listening to each SONO audio lesson, hearing the pronunciation of it, saying it twice, and then writing it four times, allows for nine exposures and connections in the brain of a particular letter, letter combination, or word.In his 2000 address to United States Congress, Dr. Reid Lyon, former Chief of Child Development at NICHD, noted, The average student needs between four and fourteen exposures to a new letter, letters, or words to automatize the recognition in the brain.In a scientific study of The Talking Page English Linguistics conducted by Patrick L. Traynor, Ph.D., researcher for What Works Clearinghouse of the United States Department of Education, concluded The Talking Page English Linguistics Program was associated with significant gains on the linguistics based pre-test/post-test measure for the English learners that completed the program. A small correlation was found between minutes spent on the program and pre-test/post-test gains. This correlation was significant at the 90% level of confidence.The Talking Page English Linguistics Program was approved, in 2001, by the U.S Department of Education's "No Child Left Behind Law as a scientifically based English linguistics education method for use in United States public school systems by teachers and tutors.Result of TalkingPage ProgramBy completing the TalkingPage program, student will have learned the following: How to form all the letters of the English alphabet How to say and write the 110 sounds of letters or combination of letters heard in English speech How to spell English words from the dictation How to read serveral hundred English words with the same spelling patternsLevel 1 is free for all users.Enjoy the full experience of learning English with Levels 2, 3 and 4 for 120 days with a single in-app-purchase.Copyright The TalkingPage (H.K.) Limited
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