This is a Japanese shadowing application to help learners improve their pronunciation.With its unique feature of graphically representing the utterances of both the model and the learners as a high-to-low pitch accent as a curve and waveform, a comparison of the learners utterances is made easy. In addition, learners can listen to the utterances of both the model speakers and themselves.The application comprises three stages, as follows.IntroductionThere are several sub-types of shadowing, each of which focuses on different aspects such as utterance method, the text, and its meaning in different combinations. This section provides an introductory explanation for all types of shadowing in both text messages and videos. A shadowing beginner is recommended to start from this section.Tasks1. Learners can choose the task from three different levels: Basic & Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced.2. Learners can adjust the following parameters for the practice mode they choose:(a) The script: to display it or not(b) Playback speed: normal and 0.7 times.(c) Segmentation of the playback and the script display: segmented by punctuation or as a natural flow as spoken. My portfolioThe recordings of learners utterances are saved along with such data as the recordings time, date, and the type shadowing of selected. Learners can easily identify their improvement in pronunciation by comparing the current and past recordings of their utterances.
License Free
Version 1.1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up