Gene Tutor is an App designed as a Study Aid for students taking a standard College level course in Genetics. Although it was specifically designed for students taking Molecular and Mendelian Genetics at Barnard College, Columbia, the material should be relevant to any similar course or advanced Introductory Biology course anywhere. It covers topics such as Mendelian Inheritance, Pedigree Analysis and Sex Linkage in Classical Genetics and DNA structure, Gene Expression and Gene Regulation in Molecular Genetics.The App contains:Sample Questions for every topic (mainly Multiple Choice format).Extensive Study Material in the form of web pages specifically designed for a mobile device and containing many figures and embedded videosA Glossary covering the most commonly encountered termsThe ability to Flag questions for easy retrievalA Shuffle option to get random questions from any topic or from the whole set overallThree levels of questions with the option of limiting which level you get questions fromI hope that this App proves to be a useful tool for students. Please feel free to let me know if you find any problems or if you think of any ways in which I could improve this for students in future classes.
License Free
Version 1.01
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android