Connect the Dots - Animals

This game is designed for the early childhood education to entertain themselves by joining points and discovering the animals that hide behind the puzzle.The game of joining points is easy, through numbers and joining the points in ascending order, you will discover what animal is hiding behind the puzzle.Animals have been classified into three types:Land animals; where through joining points we can discover the bear, worm, giraffe, lion, cat, chick, elephant, monkey, snail, horse, hippo, pig, rabbit, dog and zebra.Aquatic animals; where through joining points we can discover the fish, the turtle, the starfish, the frog, the whale, the seahorse, the crab, the penguin, the octopus and the dolphin.Flying animals; where through joining points we can discover the ladybug, the butterfly, the duck, the parrot, the bee.This game is full of color, and thanks to the practice and dedication of our developers, you will get the child to pay attention and learn in an interactive and useful way.Language of vocalization of the animal's name: Spanish and English.In future updates more animals will be included:ADDEDVersion 14: Scorpion, goose and clownfish.Version 12: Moose, wasp, goat, cockroach, hedgehog, rooster, seagull, mantis, walrus, platypus, swordfish and sepia.Version 11: Hammerhead, killer whale, anteater, cheetah, spider, toucan, vulture and owl.Version 10: Lemur, wolf, sheep, rhino, squirrel, mole, armadillo, bull, camel, buffalo, gorilla, panda, tiger, jellyfish, squid, crow, shark and seal.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 14.1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.0.3 and up