Electrical Engineering Handbook 2019

Electrical engineering is one of the newer branches of engineering, and dates back to the late 19th century. It is the branch of engineering that deals with the technology of electricity. Electrical engineers work on a wide range of components, devices and systems, from tiny microchips to huge power station generators.The app is a complete free handbook of Basic Electrical Engineering, which covers most important topics, formulas more than 200 topics. It makes it easy & useful for polytechnic student or a professional that needs an offline book that to cover fundamental of electrical engineering.Download the App as a reference material and free digital book for electrical engineering programs and degree courses.Features:- Friendly interface- Search topics using key words- Bookmark favorite topics- Zoom- Topics in alphabetical order- Swipe to previous or next topics- Work offline (images have to be downloaded)- Select the text that you want to share with your friends through e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook....- And much more features to come with updatesSome of the topics Covered in the app are:ElectricityMagnetismElectromagnetic spectrumOptical spectrumElectrostaticsElectric chargeCoulomb's lawElectric fieldGauss's lawElectric potentialMagnetostaticsElectric currentAmpre's lawMagnetic fieldMagnetic momentElectrodynamicsLorentz force lawElectromotive forceElectromagnetic inductionFaraday-Lenz lawDisplacement currentMaxwell's equationsElectromagnetic fieldElectromagnetic radiationElectrical circuitsElectrical resistanceCapacitanceInductanceImpedanceResonant cavityPhysical lawsFaraday's law of induction/Faraday-Lenz lawKirchhoff's circuit lawsCurrent lawVoltage lawFaraday's law of inductionOhm's lawControl engineeringControl TheoryAdaptive controlDigital controlNonlinear controlOptimal controlIntelligent controlNeural networksFuzzy controlPID controllerProgrammable logic controllerField oriented controllerDirect torque controllerDigital signal controllerPulse-width modulation controllerElectronicsElectrical network/CircuitCircuit lawsY-delta transformElectrical element/DiscretesCapacitorInductorResistorMicrocontrollerOperational amplifierDiodeZener diodeLight-emitting diodePIN diodeSchottky diodeAvalanche diodeLaser diodeDIACThyristorTransistorBipolar transistor (BJT)Field effect transistor (FET)Darlington transistorIGBTTRIACMosfetElectronic design automationPower engineeringGenerationElectrical generatorRenewable electricityHydropowerTransmissionElectricity pylonTransformerAlternating currentDirect currentSingle-phase electric powerTwo-phase electric powerThree-phase powerPower electronics / Electro-mechanicalInverterElectric vehiclesElectric motorHybrid electric vehiclePlug-in hybridRechargeable batteryVehicle-to-gridSignal processingAnalog signal processingDigital signal processingAnalog-to-digital converter, Digital-to-analog converterContinuous signal, Discrete signalAudio signal processingAudio noise reductionSpeech processingEqualization (audio)Digital image processingGeometric transformationColor correctionImage noise reductionEdge detectionAnalog filterAudio filterDigital filterFinite impulse responseInfinite impulse responseElectronic filterAnalogue filterFilter (signal processing)Band-pass filterBand-stop filterButterworth filterHigh-pass filterLow-pass filterTransformsAdvanced Z-transformBilinear transformContinuous Fourier transformDiscrete cosine transformDiscrete Fourier transform, Fast Fourier transform (FFT)Discrete sine transformFourier transformHilbert transformLaplace transform, Two-sided Laplace transformZ-transformActuatorOscilloscopePulse-code modulation (PCM)Main distribution frame (MDF)Carrier systemMobile phoneWireless networkOptical fiberModulationCarrier wave
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