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Application with law sentences in Latin. One click and you get a maxim with translation. Many interesting features. Best choice for any enthusiast of Roman law, which knows how to carry a lot of wisdom Legal maxim.The first use of the term in this sense was in Roman law, pointed out in this way, the opinion of a lawyer in the matter, expressed in writing or in oral response. On the other hand, in modern legal systems, Latin maxim is primarily the ultimate act of required procedure in which the organ expresses its assessment. Therefore it can be delivered in virtually every area of law that requires the assessment of something by an organ. Most lawyers loves to use Latin phrases. This is due to the situation that the legal system of ancient Rome created a strong foundation in the legal systems of most Western countries.Law Sentences is an application that has a legal latin maxims. First option generate maxim in alphabetical order with translation option, which help you practice it. Second option is similar to first but has generate random maxim sentences. The third option is a dictionary containing the maxims Legal. Use option fourth to rate application or write to me. The last option includes information about legal sayings and applications.- Latin proverbs Law- Civil Law- Criminal Law- Legal Consequences- Concept of Law- Roman Law- International Law- Procedural Law- Latin phrases- Law Terms- Sources of law- Law proverbs- Legal Terms- Legal Person- Legal Status- Law Sentences- Translation Law- Meaning Law- Dictionary Law- Common law- Punishment- Statutory law- Constitutional law- Equity Law
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