The Fitzroy Readers is a set of graded books which employ the Fitzroy Method - a phonic approach to reading developed over the last 3 decades.The first Reader, A Fat Cat, uses only 13 letters. This makes it easy for small children to start reading without delay.The first five Readers each teach one basic vowel sound: a, e, i, o and u. Repeated often, these vowels and many consonants become completely memorable.Within Readers 1-10, special words like I, have, to, go, for are introduced one or two with each Reader. Children quickly learn to read simple-sounding words wherever they see them.Reader 9 teaches the first digraph, oo as in roof. Digraphs enable children, without further teaching, to sound out whole families of words including many they have never seen before.By Reader 10, children are already reading simple sentences with fluency.There are several sounding-out options available. All speech is high-quality recording. The interface is designed for young fingers and can be used by the student alone or with a tutor.
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Version 1.3
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