Periodic Table 2019 - Chemistry

In the Periodic Table application you will find a huge amount of data about chemical elements for free. You will learn a lot of new and useful for yourself, no matter you are a schoolboy, student, engineer, housewife or a person of any other provisions that does not have a refresher to Chemistry.The chemistry falls into to number of the most important sciences and is one of the main school objects.Its studying begins with the Periodic Table. Interactive approach to a training material is more effective than classical. As in it technologies which became the family for the modern pupils are used.Periodic Table - is a free application for Android which displays the entire periodic table at startup interface. The table has a long-form approved by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) as the core. Besides the Periodic Table of chemical elements, you can use the Table of solubility.- When you click on any element provides information that is constantly updated.- For most of the items have an image.- For more information, there are direct links to Wikipedia for each item.- Table solubility- To find any element you can use the search. The search engine is not choosy to the registry or writing style search.- You can sort the items in 10 categories:Alkaline earth metalsOther nonmetalsAlkali metalsHalogensTransition metalsNoble gasesSemiconductorLanthanidesMetalloidsActinidesElements of the selected category will be listed in the search results and are highlighted in the table on the main application screen.Facebook: version in App Store:
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Version 0.1.84
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up