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Learn Python ProgrammingLearn Python to Become a Complete Python Developer, This app contains Python tutorials designed specifically for beginners who want to start their career in Data Science.WsCube Tech presents you a step by step guide to Python Programming, Python is a general-purpose, versatile and popular programming language. It's great as a first language because it is concise and easy to read, and it is also a good language to have in any programmer's stack as it can be used for everything from web development to software development and Data Science.Browse through our modules for:- Python programming, Python quiz test, Python interview Question, Python technical terms and many more with new content being added regularly.Below are the topics provided in the app:-Video tutorials:- This app provides both theoretical and practical videos on topics related to Python. The videos provide and interactive way to understand the topic and its concept.Interview Questions:- This section covers the top Python programming interview questions along with answers that will help you crack the interviews and secure the job.Quiz Tests:- Test your Python programming knowledge with quiz test. Challenge yourself and share Python knowledge with your network.The topics covered in this app are:-Introduction of Python-Data Types-Operators in Python-Loop Statement-Conditional Statement-String Fundamentals-List-Dictionary-Tuples-Set-Function in Python-Module in Python-Class and OOPs-Exception Handling in Python-File Handling-Data Science in Python-SQLite in Python-More topics coming soon***Our Key Features***-Streaming of videos from YouTube channel-New content updated every week-Easy to understand study material-Quiz questions to track the learning status. The result can be shared and mailed too-Interview questions on all topics- Introduction, Data Types, Operators, Loop Statement, Conditional Statement and more.***Others Features***-Search-Discussion and doubt solving in the question-answer section-Setting of the profile-Track of number of questions or answers published-Share and FeedbackWho can download the app?STUDENTS & JOB SEEKERS: The app provides study material, video that are easy to understand. With latest interview questions updated regularly, the Python app helps to create opportunities in the field of Python developer.I.T. PROFESSIONALS: With content being uploaded every day, the professional of developing, can brush up their knowledge on the topics.HOUSEWIVES: The only thing you need to learn Python in dedication and basic knowledge. This app opens doors to several job opportunities for the housewives.This app is a full-fledged guide for Python Programming step by step which will:-help you land the IT job you want or work as a freelancer-guide you and help you succeed in the Python programmingSo, install the app now. Become Python developer with this app.Don't forget to rate it. Thank You
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