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Put 14 languages in your pocket! With over 4.5 million words and definitions, by the world`s most trusted dictionary publisher - Oxford University Press, look up words and phrases on the go. The Translator mode will make you feel confident in solving any language-related challenge, no matter where you are.Translate any word with the Dictionary mode, powered by 14 of the top Oxford dictionaries.Translate any sentence, expression or whole paragraphs with the Translator mode.Listen to native Audio pronunciations to learn words faster (premium feature).Get access to Recent searches, available on your home screen to save your time.Create lists of Favorite translations on your main menu and access them with ease.Use the app in Offline mode (premium feature).MANY WAYS TO SEARCH AND LOOK UP A TRANSLATIONDynamic switch between Dictionary and Translator to process your entries of words and paragraphs.Audio search enables you to look up for words or phrases using your voice.Advanced Dictionary search while you type:- Autocomplete will suggest dictionary words as you type- Fuzzy filter finds words even if they are misspelled- Wildcard filter will replace a letter or series of letters in a search string with a (*) or (?).- Keyword function helps you find whole phrases that contain a word- Copy/Paste any word or paragraph from another app.SUPPORTED LANGUAGES:English - Oxford Dictionary of EnglishAmerican English - New Oxford American DictionaryRussian - Oxford Russian DictionarySpanish - Oxford Spanish DictionaryChinese Simplified - Oxford Chinese DictionaryFrench - Oxford Hachette French DictionaryGerman - Oxford German DictionaryJapanese - Oxford Japanese Mini DictionaryUrdu - Oxford English Urdu DictionaryItalian - Oxford Paravia Italian DictionaryPortuguese - Oxford Essential Portuguese DictionaryThai - Concise Oxford-River Books English-Thai DictionaryBulgarian - Oxford SoftPress English Bulgarian DictionaryGreek - Oxford Greek Mini DictionaryGet even more with PREMIUM:Audio pronunciations - Learn words faster by listening to how they're pronounced.Offline mode - No WiFi or data connection, no problem. Download the language databases to your device, to be used without an internet connection.Priority support - Get expedited support for any app-related issues.No ads - no more in-app advertisements.
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System RequirementsRequires iOS 11.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.