Spelling Adventure Free - Learn to Spell Kindergarten Words

Practice spelling three and four letter words to build reading, comprehension, and writing skills. Kindergarten Spelling Adventure Free features cute, animated characters to introduce new words. Words are displayed as a cartoon picture, followed by the English pronunciation. 75 different words are included in the full version with corresponding picture. This version includes the first level and five words. A hint button suggests the next letter when needed.Classrooms and multiple users sharing device are supported with multiple user profiles to individually track your childs progress.Child safe and parent approved: - No in-app purchase - No ads or internet access - No location tracking or personal information collection - No adult content or violenceThe following words are included in Kindergarten Spelling Adventure:ant, bag, ball, bee, bird, bolt, bone, book, box, bug, cake, can, car, cat, cow,cup, desk, dice, dog, drum, duck, egg, fan, fish, five, fly, fork, four, fox, frog,gem, gift, ham, hare, harp, hat, hen, horn, ice, ink, jar, jet, key, kiwi, lamp, leaf, log, mike,milk, moon, news, nine, note, owl, pea, pen, pig, pop, pot, ring, rose, ship, shoe, star,tank, ten, tire, tool, top, tree, two, wolf, yam, yarn, zero
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsRequires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.