US Capitol 3D

US Capitol 3D is revolutionary learning that allows you to fly through the US Capitol in a real-time virtual reality environment.Key Learning Concepts in the App:United States CapitolCongressHouse of RepresentativesSenateDomeLegislative BranchLandmarksWashington D.C.ArchitectureMovementUse the Right joystick to moveUse the Left joystick to rotate and look aroundTouch any sign for informationFor ease of travel you can go through most objects including the groundAbout Virtual RealityVirtual Reality (VR) is a technology that allows us to step into 3D interactive environments where everything is possible: visiting New York, exploring the human cell, flying through the Solar System, or traveling back in time to Ancient Egypt. From a PC, Tablet, phone, or headset users have a first person, self-guided experience with concepts. We step inside of a molecule to understand its structure. We travel through an iPhone to learn how it operates. We become a part of a subject; this is the magic of VR.For the complete list of 200+ VR learning programs in Science, Anatomy, World Landmarks, Astronomy, History, Technology, Art & Culture, Current Events, Geography, and Natural Features, please go to PlansLesson Plans for virtual learning programs are available at Classroom 3D DirectImagine a classroom where the world's most advanced learning is delivered to teachers every week, hours after it was completed. Free. This is instant access 3D, virtual learning programs based on the most important topics of the week that you can share with your students. Classroom 3D Direct delivers weekly programs straight to your email inbox complete with lesson plans, videos, and topical links to help you easily integrate 3D into your class. One click takes your students into the virtual world. To sign up for the free Classroom 3D Direct, simply enter your email address at this AppSUNRISE Virtual Reality takes learning into 3D. SUNRISE ( is the world leader in virtual learning, providing easily accessed programs that feature learning through 3D graphics and personal interaction. Click. Smile. Explore. Its that easy. Anyone can use programs free of charge. SUNRISE takes learning seriously: American children have numerous and well-documented deficiencies in many subject areas, especially science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The company sees virtual learning as an important part of the national effort to improve education and help students Understand Everything. Learning can be more.
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 2.3 and up