World Geography Dictionary Offline App

This World Geography Dictionary App provides you more than 5000 Geographical Terms and their respective definitions and meanings with lots of quizzes and puzzles. Geography is easy as you can find the Country Facts and Outlook like capital, region, continent, official language, coastline, land, water, irrigated land, dialing code, airports, seas, currency, description, fact, facet, map, flag etc. with this World Geography App.The World Geography Dictionary App is categorized as follows:-- Pedology (Soil Study)- Glaciology (Glaciers)- Coastal Geography (Ocean and The Land)- Bio geography (Species and Ecosystems)- Climatology & Meteorology (Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Chemistry)- Hydrology & Hydrography (Water)- Cultural Geography- Economic Geography (Location and Distribution)- Calamity- Geodesy and Astronomy- Flora and Fauna- Discovery and ExplorationWith features like:-- Quiz - Test your learning with our customisation quiz.- Country Outlook & Facts - Detailed description of any selected country with amazing facts.- Autoplay - Listen to all the terms and its meaning.- EduBank - Save what you learn with EduBank feature.- Contribute - If you think something's amiss, contribute it!Install now and experience the premium World Geography Dictionary learning app!We make SMARTY apps, "Simple Masterly Approach to Refine Thinking" for YOU.Connect with us on:-Facebook-
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