World Flags - Logo Quiz

Do you have any idea of the colors, symbols or the structure of different countries' flags? If no, don't worry! AppsBazaar offers you with an excellent quiz game that make you master of the flag knowledge. Get the flag quiz for kids with different challenging flag puzzle & keep track of your geographical knowledge!Well, even if you believe you are already masters of this, then it works like a challenge for you or we can say, a great test for you. It's roughly something that you will search out mostly, much more about nations' flags. Download National Flag Quiz on your smartphone and see which flag represents which country.Guess all the flags one by one & score points for each right guess. If you make one incorrect guess, it will subtract your few points from current score.Features of the national flag quiz:1. Plus point for each right guess.2. The interface is incorporated with two play modes: time mode & practice mode.3. The Quiz Game designed with 7 levels & each level has 25 Quiz questions.4. Learning mode in the play is categorized in 6 parts, five for specific sections & one for all countries.5. Really helpful flag quiz for kids.The flag Quiz game enables users to learn the geographical information and flag information of different countries as well. So, let's teach your mind and keep your friends busy for hours with national Flag Quiz! Come fast & Try it now.
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