Self Defense for Women

Aplication designed for Bumon , the n1 self defense schools in Spain teaching self defense for women.The app comes loaded with videos about self defense and all the related aspects like tunnel vision, adrenaline rush, OODA Loop, and so on.All videos are recorded by master instructor Peter Vermeeren in the central dojo in Teruel (Spain)Peter is the headmaster of Bumon and secretary general for ESDA (European Self Defense Asociation)His grades and titles are:KyoshiNational Superior Trainer level 3 by the Spanish Government CSDSelf Defense Special Instructor level 46 dan traditional jujutsu6 dan ninpo bugei6 dan Bumon5 dan FELODAMenkyo BojutsuMenkyo Takagi Yoshin RyuMenkyo KenjutsuPeter teaches worldwide the following martial arts:Jujutsu - Bojutsu - Hanbojutsu - Self Defense - Iaido/iaijutsu/kenjutsu - TantojutsuIf you want to contact Bumon for seminars or workshops, representation, etc.. please do so on our site:
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