Master Nim: Taekwondo Trainer

The Master Nim taekwondo app is a great way to practice and learn the Taekwondo curriculum!Learn the Taekwondo curriculum one graduation at a time! It is fun and 100% free!- Strengthens your Taekwondo terminology knowledge greatly!- Covers all Taekwondo graduations from 10th Kup till 1st Dan.- Learn, practice and take the graduation test to enter next level.- Learn the correct pronunciations of all words and sentences.Learning the Taekwondo terminology is often underrated by many practitioners and is difficult to integrate sufficiently in the weekly team practice, because the training if often focused on physical techniques, strength and flexibility - just as it should!With this taekwondo app you can practice and strengthen your Taekwondo syllabus anywhere, when you have the time!This taekwondo app changes and improves the way you learn the Taekwondo terminology- No more reading boring Taekwondo curriculum papers.- Never again fail a Taekwondo graduation test.- Learn the Taekwondo terminology in small steps and take tests as you learn.- Take Taekwondo graduation tests to ensure you are ready for your next belt.THANK YOU!Big thanks goes out to Chang-Hyun Ahn and Min-Ho Ahn for making the pronunciations sound files available for this app!Visit Min-Ho Ahn at
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