This is the official Earl Marriott Secondary (Surrey, BC)mobile app.PLEASE NOTE: This app is only useful for students, parents, and staff at this school.Students: Track your homework with reminders, subscribe to updates from your teachers and the school, and always have up-to-date event calendars and other information at hand.Parents: Stay up-to-date with school news and calendar updates. Optionally, your child may share their homework list with you.Other benefits:* Push notifications will keep you updated about school closures and other important news.* Add a school event to your phone's calendar with one click, or spread the word by social media, email or text message.* You'll always have your school calendars and student resources on hand and up-to-date.* Conveniently e-mail, phone, or navigate to the school, or reach the website or social media.Visit for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Chromebook or desktop apps.This is a new product designed for your school.If you have suggestions or problems, we welcome you to contact us using the Feedback feature on the Help screen. Thank you.
Operating System Android