CFMS Spanish Vocabulary

Learn Spanish Vocabulary with CFMS Spanish Vocabulary and increase your base of Spanish words to nearly 5000.Spanish vocabulary lessons broken into groups of 50 of the most common words in the Spanish language.This app is designed for the person who has a basic understanding of the Spanish Language and wishes to rapidly and effectively learn Spanish vocabulary..The Spanish vocabulary lessons in this app will increase your ability to read, hear and speak words in the Spanish language.You can learn Spanish vocabulary offline using your preferred TTS voice.You will need to have a TTS voice installed to use this program. The Google TTS voices are about 7mb and take a few minutes to install but you will get much better results with voices such as Ivona(which now works with Android Lollipop)and SVOX. Voices are available with both Spanish and Latin American Voices.The app uses controlled repetition to reinforce the Spanish vocabulary already learned in the current Spanish vocabulary lesson.Statistics are available on which Spanish words you have leaned and how many words per minute you are learning at.It is important that as you continue to increase your Spanish vocabulary that you continuously revise the words you have already learned so that they are retained in long term memory. CFMS Spanish Vocabulary does this automatically for you, but also gives you the ability to alter the rate at which revision questions are given so that you revise at the rate suited to your ability and experience.You review the list of Spanish words prior to learning and have the ability to add words you already know to the list of learned words making this one of the efficient ways to study Spanish and increase your Spanish learningA record of your progress for all all your Spanish vocabulary lessons is updated and shown as you go so you can keep track of your Spanish learning.For people who need to study Spanish, CFMS Spanish Vocabulary is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to learn Spanish vocabulary and is an ideal companion for other programs that teach grammar such as Duolingo that only leave you a few hundred words of Spanish Vocabulary.If you are looking to go further than just Spanish vocabulary and you want lessons in Spanish grammar you can improve your knowledge of Spanish verb conjugation with our new app CFMS Spanish Verbs.Version 3 now incorporates voice recognition. Voice recognition or speech recognition will help you to improve your pronunciation of Spanish vocabulary. Voice recognition also allows you learn more rapidly firstly because sounding out the words helps you to memorize them, and secondly the voice recognition is so fast, it speeds up the time needed to answer a question making your Spanish lessons more productive.
License Free
Version 3.5.1
Operating System Android