Origami for kids: smart paper games

Origami for Kids is the best hobby that develops not only motor skills, but also abstract and spatial thinking. This is a truly clever game, because children learn not only to create new heroes or animals, but also invent their own scenarios and stories.Beautiful origami figures can decorate a Kids crib or room.The ORIGAMIR app is a very interesting collection of step-by-step lessons and charts that are designed for both young children and adults. We want our application to bring people closer together. It will be great to play with the whole family or with friends. Let's develop children together!This application will teach kids how to do:- animal origami- Origami Cats- Origami Dogs- Origami Anime Hero- Origami foxes- Origami Ice Cream- Origami Airplane- Origami Ship- Origami Mice- Origami Hare- Origami Duck- Origami Owl- Origami Kit- Origami Penguin- Origami Albatrossand other origami lessons.We have tried to create a high-quality application so that your children learn how to make beautiful origami. We value your opinion and your assessment. Please write a review and rate the app from ORIGAMIR . Thank you for choosing smart games for your beautiful kids!
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