How to Draw Anime And Manga haracters

Do you like anime and manga and always wanted to learn how to draw them? Then you are in the right place! // (^ ^)DRAWLAND : How to draw anime and manga characters - the author's application that will teach you how to draw anime cartoon characters and manga comics. Step by step we will talk about how to draw the head, body, posture. You will learn how to create the necessary atmosphere in the scene with the help of color. Step-by-step tutorials show the whole process from start to finish.For the basis of our method of drawing the characters Anime and Manga, we took the classical principle of constructing an image - from simple to complex. We believe that this method is the most effective, because it allows you to work out in more detail the character of the character and the whole scene through forms and actions.The application is convenient and easy to understand. If you have any difficulties or any suggestions regarding the application or characters, we are happy to receive feedback by email info@emicom.netTo complete the tasks, you will need:- Lead pencil- Thin marker- Ink pen or pen for inking- Eraser- Album for drawing- Paint (if you want to color the character on paper)- Computer and scanner (if you want to colorize the character on the computer)In the application you will learn:- How to draw anime girl- How to draw a Ninja character- How to draw a Gladiator warrior- How to draw anime hero- How to draw a beautiful manga comic book characterand otherWe tried very hard and ask you to rate - it stimulates us to draw new heroes and add them to this application.If you are asked how to draw anime and manga, then feel free to advise our application!
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