Matrix operations premium

The following operations are available in the application:- Solution of systems of linear equations by methods:Gauss;Cramer;Jordan-Gauss;The inverse matrix;- Finding of the matrix determinant by methods:Sarrus (only for the matrix 3x3);Decomposition on the first line;Reduction to the triangular form;- Finding of inverse matrix by methods:Gauss;Jordan-Gauss;Algebraic Supplements;- Solution of matrix equations- Matrix construction- Multiplication of a matrix by a number- Finding the rank of the matrix- Transposition of matrices- Matrix multiplication- Subtraction of matrices- Addition of matricesApplication Features- Special keyboard for more convenient data entry;- Full, step by step description of solutions;- Ability to save decisions;- Ability to edit saved solutions- Works without access to the InternetKeywords: matrix calculator,matrix operations, matrix determinant,matrix calculator, linear equations
Operating System Android