Gold Star PTCB Test Prep 2018

Pass your Pharmacy Technician Certification exam with our comprehensive practice tests and flashcards.The app has 3 modes: test mode, study mode, and flashcard mode. In test mode, the test will be timed and graded. You will be able to see what areas you are weak on and explanations for the test questions. In study mode, the exam will not be timed and you will see the answer and explanation right after answering a question. In flashcard mode, you will be able to go through flashcards as well as grade yourself.The free version of the app contains ads; the premium version does not..Our practice questions and flashcards cover the following topics:Pharmacology for TechniciansDrug Classifications and InteractionsMedical Terminology and Pharmacy AbbreviationsPharmacy Law and RegulationsRestrictued Drug ProgramsSterile and Non-sterile CompoundingMedication SafetyPharmacy Quality AssuranceMedication Order Entry and Fill ProcessPharmacy Inventory ManagementPharmacy Billing and ReimbursementPharmacy Information System UsagePharmacy MathThis app is not affiliated nor endorsed by PTCB. PTCB is a trademark of the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).
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