Physical Science - QuexBook PRO

QuexBook is a mobile learning module patterned on the Department of Education's K12 Curriculum Guide (DepEd K to 12 CG) designed to enhance and strengthened knowledge about various subjects in Junior High and Senior High Subjects.Physical Science is composed of almost 850 questions with solutions and is equivalent to 1150-page Book.It contains the following topics:I. Elements in the UniverseII. How the Properties of Matter relate to their Chemical StructureIII. How Chemical Changes takes placeIV. How Chemistry contributes to the understanding of households and personal care productsV. How we come to realize that the Earth is not the center of the universeVI. Why we Believe that the Laws of Physics are UniversalVII. How Light acts as a Wave and ParticleVIII. How Physics helps us understand the Cosmos
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