Clicker Connect SymbolStix

Clicker Connect SymbolStix enables young learners and struggling writers to take their first steps to independent writing by using words and phrases to build coherent text, with the support of symbols. Clicker Connect SymbolStix is the latest addition to Crick Software's Clicker Apps family."The app is a triumph because it is based on a simple idea that scaffolds independent writing kick-starts the writing process, helps children to be creative, and gives them a clear sense of achievement."- Teach Primary Magazine review"...a truly remarkable app to utilize to help teach the writing process. I have been using this with some of my special learners and they are showing great progress and pride with their writing skills! Highly recommended!"- The Appy Ladies"A fantastic app that bridges the gap between the excellent Clicker Sentences and Clicker Docs"- Ros Henshaw, Literacy Consultant"This app is a brilliant progression from Clicker Sentences and enables teachers to color-code parts of speech. Another excellent app from Crick."- Gilly Shankland, Specialist Teacher for Physical Impairment"A must-have for your Assistive Technology toolkit - amazing writing & picture supports for the iPad"- Brian S Friedlander, Ph.D, AssistiveTek, LLCDEVELOP INDEPENDENT WRITING SKILLSStudents choose from clusters of words, phrases, and pictures to produce their own writing. Simply selecting a cell containing a symbol sends the symbol into your document. Clicker Connect SymbolStix displays both the symbol and the text, encouraging learners to make the connection between the words and the images.SPEECH FEEDBACKAs each sentence is completed, it is spoken aloud in a child's voice, helping learners to review and correct what they have written. This also enables learners to develop their understanding of the link between the symbols they see and the words they hear.Students can use the Sound Shift tool to listen to words and phrases in the grid before using them, to help them choose how they want to convey their ideas.READING AND WRITING SUPPORT FOR A VARIETY OF LEARNING NEEDSUse symbols with Clicker Connect SymbolStix to create valuable communication aids and support writing activities. Symbols provide vital support to those that require it, enabling learners to:- Communicate more easily and effectively- Build their confidence- Develop greater academic independence- Better understand and use given informationDIFFERENTIATE SUPPORT ACCORDING TO NEEDClicker Connect SymbolStix provides an extensive range of support options to suit students of all abilities:- Color-code words or phrases to emphasize sentence structure- Use Guided Order to ensure students work from left to right- Use symbols and pictures to help identify words- Enlarge cells for extra clarity- Use the child-friendly keyboard, in addition to the grids, to extend writing.ENJOY WRITING SUCCESSThe child-friendly Sassoon font included in the app makes Clicker documents look great on screen and on paper. Print your work to any Airprint-compatible printer, or share it via email, AirDrop, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or WebDAV. As they experience success, students begin to discover the pleasure of independent writing!ACCESSIBLE FOR ALLTo make access easier for those with physical challenges, the unique SuperKeys option makes words easy to target. Tap anywhere within a word cluster to enlarge it, and then tap the word you want. The keyboard works in the same way, with the keys grouped into just six large clusters that fill the keyboard area when expanded.PART OF CRICK SOFTWARE'S CLICKER FAMILYBased in the US and UK, Crick Software has a worldwide reputation for quality educational software for students of all abilities.Clicker Connect SymbolStix is part of a growing family of Clicker Apps - find out more by searching for Crick Software in the App Store.
Price USD59.99
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Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.