mBlock - Scratch-based Programming Software

mBlock is an application developed by Makeblock. It's a programming platform that focuses on STEAM education and gives children chances to create as they like. With an integration of software and robots, the mBlock 5 app intends to give users an easy way to learn coding from the very start and keep them engaged in creating.Features:- Graphical programming: The app allows users to create projects with the most popular graphical programming language and program robots to do things as they can imagine. It makes programming as easy as blocks building.- Game-based learning: Children learn code in completing tasks and know how it feels to accomplish something.- Cloud storage: Users can store their projects in the cloud, syncing the projects across devices. It's safe and convenient.- Compatible with Makeblock robots: mBot, mBot Ranger, Codey Rocky, Neuron- Support multiple languages: Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English and Japanese
License Free
Version 0.7.2
Operating System Android