The statikTUGo app can be used to demonstrate the laws of structural analysis in a clear andinteractive way and thus create a feeling for its basic laws and principles. The intuitive control andreduction in design allow for a natural and swift user experience - with the focus on the essentials:structural analysis._______________________Structural analysis as a branch of mechanics is the theory describing the behaviour of solid bodies atrest in a state of equilibrium. In structural engineering, methods for the calculation of deformationsand stresses in static systems are used for the analysis of load-bearing structures. In addition to thetransfer of real constructions and actions to structural systems and associated loads, the assessmentof the load-bearing capacity and serviceability is an essential part of the design process.Investigation results of structural analyses provide planners and designers with elementaryinformation about the essential properties of the structural model and allow the identification ofcritical details, support in the design process or provide important hints for more efficient design oroptimised use of materials.The development towards ever more powerful computer architectures in the commercial sectorenables the use of advanced calculation methods in the analysis of structures. As a result, theimportance of knowledge about the use of structural analysis programs and, in particular, theinterpretation of results is increasing._______________________The training of structural engineers, architects and other persons involved in the design process mustinclude the theoretical principles of structural analysis on one hand and the application andinterpretation of software on the other.
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