Snow Spelling Sound Out

Snow Spelling Sound Out is a great app for beginning readers to learn words. Your child will learn 1,122 words that can be sounded out using common phonics rules (i.e, grouped by short vowel, long vowel, Bossy R's and other vowel team words), and others do not follow those normal rules and must be memorized (i.e, beard, climb, flood, great, snow, world). Learning to spell these words adds to a strong foundation in reading and spelling for beginning readers. This app also uses phonics to help your child learn new words by putting sounds together to make words (like /b/ /a/ /t/ bat). So your child will be able to read and write words correctly without memorizing. In this game, your child will help Snow the polar bear reach an iceberg to catch fish. Each correct letter chosen adds a block to his bridge. Finish the word and Snow can cross, but watch out for wrong letters, or Snow will take a dip! This is the fun game to improve your child's spelling abilities.Snow Spelling Sound Out also provides a progress report (play history) for teachers and parents to track their child's performance in spelling sound out words. The additional setup options allow you to control the level of word difficulty (i.e, CVC words are included in easy level, digraphs are in medium level and blends are in the difficult level) and customize the number of questions to match your child. This game will help your children improve their reading and writing skills in a fun and interactive environment.**All words have been recorded by professional voice talent.*** If you have any questions or problems related to our app, please email us at We are willing to assist you.
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