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If you're looking for dozens of sure-fire, high-energy, interactive, leave-them-wanting-more activities, then you have everything you need here at your fingertips.In short, this app will help you find the perfect group activity to quickly engage your group & have fun.playmeo hosts the largest online database of group games & activities in the world - everything you need to invite small & large groups of people to play, interact, share, trust & learn.Fun group activities are one of the most powerful (and attractive) ways to help people connect. And the research shows that building strong, positive & healthy relationships will absolutely amplify the results of whatever your group is trying to get done.This app will give you immediate access to dozens of:- Ice-breakers & Get-To-Know-You Games- Energisers & Brain Breaks- Tag & PE Games- Trust & Empathy Exercises- Team-Building Activities & Puzzles- Fun Large Group GamesNew group activities are added regularly, all free, forever!Features:- Step-by-Step Instructions- Video Tutorials- Dozens of Variations- Watch episodes of the Facilitator Tips video tutorial series- Learn valuable leadership skills- Share your own own group activity ideasIdeal for classroom & PE teachers, experiential educators, corporate trainers & camp leaders.All of the activities featured in this app work because people love 'em. They are universally appealing & require few, if any, props to play. All you have to do is gather your group, open the app & play.The app also provides an easy login portal for premium subscribers to playmeo's online activity database.Hours & hours of fun, guaranteed!Try the playmeo app today!For more information, follow us on twitter @playmeo or visit our website
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