Learn Spanish with Lirica: Music Language Learning

Choose music from current Latin Superstars like Nicky Jam or Classic Artists like Elvis Crespo and learn Spanish vocabulary and grammar through their songs.There are so many reasons why using music is a fantastic way to learn:- Songs are memorable (we've all had lyrics stuck in our heads for days!)- Music is engaging, we choose to let it form the soundtracks to our lives- Songs are windows into cultureKey Features:- Spanish speaking music videos with the lyrics translated by expert linguists- Curated lessons focused on the key grammatical themes in the song- Fun listening and translation games played to the pace of the songWe are one of music's "Next Generation Innovators!":http://pressroom.midem.com/press-release-en-2018/lirica-laylo-seated-enhancia-are-the-2018-midemlab-winners-0607-6302Whether you learn languages for personal growth, to learn about other cultures, or simply as a hobby, with our app, you will re-discover your passion for learning languages!So join the language learning revolution now!From Lirica - a team of people passionate about music and language learning.Questions? Feedback? We'd love to hear from you. E-mail us at hello@lirica.co.uk.VISIT UShttps://www.lirica.co.ukFOLLOW UShttps://twitter.com/LiricaApp
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