Learn Stata covers stata course and tutorial from basic, intermediate, to advanceVideo+ Contain stata video courseLatest+ This page shows all latest stata course. The course will be update frequently. Contents come from our server. No need to update your app for fresh content. Make sure to check frequently for content update. App update will be feature enhancements or bug fixes+ Bookmark your favorite stata course. It will be saved in Bookmark page and then you can access it offline+ Search stata courseDocumentation+ Learn Stata provide complete and up to date stata documentation/manual+ Search stata documentation/manual+ This app will auto download stata documentation directly from the source as pdf and you can view it with in-app pdf viewer+ Bookmark your favorite stata documentation. It will be saved in Documentation page and you can access it offline+ ZoomIn/ZoomOutReader+ Change text size+ Change font+ Change theme. We have 4 themes (light, night, sepia, grey)+ Syntax highlighting for stata command and stata output+ Horizontal scroll for code block and output block so that the content remain tidyExercise+ Learning by doing! Access Exercise page to download all resources and send to your email.+ Raw data available in Excel and CSV format+ Stata data input available in .DTA Stata file format+ Stata command available in .DO Stata file format+ Stata log available in .TXT file format+ Instruction available in .TXT file formatBrowse+ Save search result. It will be saved in Browse page and you can access it offlineSupport+ We have in-app-support
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