Wisdom Soup

The Wisdom Soup app is a customizable, searchable feed of posts on your favorite spirituality topics from carefully selected teachers and from users like you. You can browse or join in the conversation by commenting or creating your own posts to share. Find a teacher you'd like to learn more from? You can find out about how to work with them and book their services by clicking on their profile.Cuts through the overwhelm:Wisdom Soup makes it easy to participate and be part of something without feeling any obligation or time pressure. It's here for you with short, easy-to-digest bites you can explore when you want to - You can drop in and browse what's new when you're standing in line at the grocery store or waiting for your coffee.Wisdom Soup teachers are the real deal.Wisdom Soup features heart-centered teachers and mentors who have been carefully selected for their ability to bring you forward on your journey. They are gifted channels, healers, practitioners and subject matter experts.Feel the support of a compassionate communityBy commenting or creating your own posts to share, you can present yourself authentically to this supportive community, with both your struggles and your progress, as you work toward your full awakening. By allowing others to learn from your journey on the Wisdom Soup app, you become both student and teacher, speeding up your own awakening process.Stop the spiritual spam!We know you don't want to join the email list of every teacher you come across, just to read their latest article! With the Wisdom Soup app, it's easy to get to know a lot of different teachers so you can see which ones resonate for you. No email sign-ups required!Speed up serendipityNo more waiting to stumble upon clues to your spiritual path! With a wide variety of topics and teachers, constantly refreshed and available for you to browse and discover, you can quickly and easily let yourself be guided to the ones that speak to you.Don't lose the progress (and investment!) you've already made for yourself!Don't lose touch with all the valuable work and learning you've already invested in! Wisdom Soup keeps your favorite spirituality topics top-of-mind and helps you to remember what you've learned, so it's easier to integrate it into your life.
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