BODMAS Calculator

What is BODMAS ?BODMAS Stands for :B stands for BracketsO stands for OrderD stands for DivisionM stands for MultiplicationA stands for AdditionS stands for SubtractionSo if we have to calculate 3 + 2 x 5 . We could either do a 3+2 first and then 5 x 5 or we could either do a 25 first and then 3 + 10 . How do we know what to follow ?This is exactly where BODMAS came to picture . It simply means follow BODMAS when doing such calculations .Answer to Above question could be either 25 or 13 . According to BODMAS it should be 13 because order of Multiplication comes first and then comes Addition so we multiply 2 with 5 first and then we add 3 with resulting 10 to give the final answer 13.What is Calculator ?By Calculator we mean a Simple Mathematical Calculator which calculates mathematical expressions and gives us result . For example 3+2 . We all know its 5 . But what about 232434 + 99238 ? Not that easy so we use a Calculator .Again What is BODMAS Calculator ?It is a Calculator which calculates mathematical operations following BODMAS Rule .We at versionPB have BODMAS Calculator Product for Windows machine which can be downloaded for free at following link is an android version of BODMAS Calculator .
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