Holy Quran Recitation, Translation, Dua with Audio

Holy Quran recitation/Quran translation wishes everyone a very happy and blessed Ramadan 2018Quran recitation is a smart Android application that provides an easy-to-use interface with Quran translation, transliteration and audio recitation (MP3). The application is integrated with several features that are beautifully designed to ensure a pleasurable reading experience holy Quran recitation.30 para (Juz) part by part. Collection of Quran dua.Enhance your 30 para holy Quran recitation/Quran translation and spiritual experience with the real feel of actual printed Quran anytime anywhere. Holy Quran recitation has a real page turning effect.Holy Quran Translation is a free (without banners), simple and user friendly Quran application for Android devices.30 para Holy Quran Translation/Quran recitation provides more than 20 Quran translations. Collection of Quran dua. Quran MP3 Audio is the perfect app for everyone who loves to listen to the words of Allah from the Holy Quran30 para Holy Quran recitation Quran translation, dua, mp3, audio FeaturesSome main features of this mobile application areQuran tajweed:Learn Quran tajweed at all levelsQuran vocabulary:Quran vocabulary includes meaning of Arabic words.- Quran translation: helps to better understand the concepts and revelations of 30 sapara Koran by interpreting the meaning of Arabic language. Collection of sajda Quran dua.- 30 sapara Quran Recitation/Quran translation: Listen full story (Qiraat al Quran) of all MP3 chapters- Transliteration: facilitates the pronunciation of Arabic text with its similar reading option in English- Language: In addition to Urdu, translation into the 30 sapara Koran is also available in other languagesEnglishSpanishFrenchChinesePersianItalianDutchIndonesianBosnianBulgarianCzech,AzerbaijaniFinnishHausa,Malay,GermanMalayalamList of Qari/ ReciterAli Al HudaifiMahir MoeqaliMisheri RashidSaad Al GhamdiSheikh MinshawiSheikh SudaisWaheed Qasmi Urdu- Go To: Allows the user of the application to jump to any ayah of the current surah 30 sapara Koran.Rabana duas- Bookmark: 30 sapara Koran allows the user to select or save part of recitation process to continue from the point he left- Stop signs: There are different types of breaks that appear several times in the sacred volume of Allah, allowing you to see their interpretation and action. Collection of sajda Quran tajweed.- sajda Quran tajweed: 14 passages in the 30 para Holy Quran recitation/Quran translation where one must bow to the Almighty, are also mentioned separately in the parameters.- Font Size: Allows the user to adjust the font size selected settings- Font Style: 3 different print modes are added to the main pattern to vary the perspective of the Holy Quran recitation/Quran translation text .Collection of Quran dua.Download this free Koran app now to take advantage of its easy-to-understand presentation and other attributes, especially the Quran translation option, to effectively identify with the Holy Quran recitation/Quran translation.
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