Math Subtract - study and play

This software is suitable for children in grade 1 and grade 2 of primary school. This software is divided into two parts. The digital learning part can teach the children the Numbers from the foundation, and strengthen the children's learning results by listening to the sounds and finding the Numbers. The second part is the digital arithmetic part, which has the training of addition operation, subtraction operation and addition and subtraction comprehensive operation to cultivate children's interest in learning and create a bright future for children!Millions of children have played with Numbers and arithmeticDesigned for small hands and small mathematicians, this cute, fun game of learning Numbers and math is designed for small hands.It has a large number of simple and easy to read digital as contracted and bright tonal, children's Numbers and arithmetic promises to keep the child's attention, it is equipped with a child like a variety of backgrounds, including hot air balloon, orchards and an old blackboard.When a child performs various activities, the teacher with a kind voice will give the child different instructions, encouragement and praise. When children play games, they will have a series of interesting sound effects, and they will praise them every time they finish the questions successfully. Parents can also change the sound effects in the preferences menu of the APP at will.Games help children develop the following basic math and math skills:countKids can learn Numbers from 1 to 20, or vice versa, depending on the APP's large, child-friendly front and rear keys.Identify and compare NumbersThe two activities are designed to enhance children's mathematical comparison and learning skills: find the largest number and find the smallest number.Find matching NumbersParents can use "matching Numbers" to strengthen a child's memory. Based on the classic reverse open card memory game format, the child can reverse the cloud under the prompt to find matching Numbers. The number of these characters can be set in the content menu.Learn addition and subtractionTwo activities can guide children to basic addition and subtraction, in which apple and pear are used, and the third advanced exercise is to combine the two.The child needs to solve a problem. There are four answer options. There are also visual cues to help them find the right answer.Advanced exercises provide a series of mixed addition and subtraction problems with Numbers ranging from 1 to 99. Multiple choice questions will remain the same, but this activity will remove visual cues - no more fruit from the orchard will help the child find the right answer.
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