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Learn American English by Shadowing Movies!Here's the most addictive language learning app that helps you learn spoken English by watching & dubbing movie scenes for you to practice Speaking English online for FREE.No amount of time in class can prepare you for the real world as much of the English we learn is too difficult, unpractical to use & often learned out of context.With over 1200+ no-more-than-1-minute-long scenes, chosen from popular movies that aren't action-filled but more of dialogue & personal stories, this app walks you through 29 main subjects & 139 sub-topics, dealing with everyday topics that are accurate and true to life, centered around the issues of family, love, relationships, work & growing up.The dialogs are brief, simple to follow so you don't have to concentrate as much on the plot, but fully on many visual cues: tone of voice, facial expression, body language that help you guess what's going on. You'll then naturally pick up new words, phrases, jokes, slang, idioms & appropriate reactions in the context of real-life use, not only the meaning in isolation but also the sense of how it's used, in relation to others for you to stay culturally competent.Moreover, you'll learn how to use tone of voice to convey different messages of a sentence JUST by shifting intonation as English is MORE THAN just WHAT we speak, BUT ALSO about HOW we say things. "How's it goin'? - Good ". Does "Good" ALWAYS mean good? Sometimes, it may mean not good! Watching American English movies can go a long way.The good news is you'll learn from the world's best actors, as they're native speakers so you can also use them as an excellent source of native English pronunciation & American accent.What's more, you can turn the English subtitles on & off at your convenience, basically skimming through the dialog to test how much of the episode you can catch without subtitle and then recognize any weaknesses in your understanding of spoken English.When you watch a scene with English subtitles on, you'll see how much different the American English pronunciation of an isolated word is from that of the same word in connected speech. Sometimes sounds are added, omitted or changed, in different ways as language isn't set in stone. It changes all the time.PRACTICEAfter you finish watching a video, we'll send you to an audiovisual process called voice-over to put what you've learned into use.- Pick one of the thousands of videos available, watch & listen to it carefully till you know exactly how it sounds & understand what they're saying, then dub over it with your own voice, with/ without your earphone. The voice must be TRUE to the character, IN TUNE with the scene, but also ORIGINAL.- Activate your camera, try to truly CONNECT TO THE ROLE, EMBODY THE CHARACTER, MATCH THEIR PERSONALITY so that you bring them to life rather than just imitating raw words, but their pitch, tone, rhythm, speed, intonation, body gestures- Practice until you sound good. Be critical, but go easy on yourself. It takes time. You just need to record & review your recordings, listen & compare yours with the actor's, so you can improve after every practice session.- Additionally, it allows you to engage with your friends acting out most multiple-character scenes taking on different roles in a free-wheeling atmosphere to keep on learning with fun.EVALUATE- We compare your recordings to millions of native speakers' samples to see where you get stuck.- We then SCORE & IDENTIFY what goes wrong with your recording & give you the most accurate, personalized feedback on your progressions as much as possible.Remember: Voice acting is best when it's HONEST. Rather than solely focusing on the emotion you think you should display, MENTALLY & PHYSICALLY put yourself in the character's place, feel how they feel, think like they do & respond HONESTLY to the situation. Your emotions will follow.Are you ready to be inspired? DOWNLOAD IT NOW!
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