Kids Bedtime Stories : Short Stories with Audio

Kids Bedtime Stories helps toddlers and kids to learn reading by themselves with audio feature that reads story which helps kids to encourage reading & listening skills.Kids Bedtime Stories has wonderful collection of English Short Stories which helps toddlers and kids to learn reading by themselves. Kids always have the loveliest memories of reading Bedtime stories with parents and spend quality time reading and learning.Kids Bedtime Stories has Short English Stories in Following Categories:Animal StoriesClassic StoriesFolk TalesGrandma StoriesMoral StoriesShort FablesKids Bedtime Stories is designed to keep the level of understanding of toddlers and kids, myself being a mother of 6 year old, I made sure that she thoroughly enjoys while reading stories.Kids Bedtime Stories App has amazing feature called 'Read To Me' which will start the audio for the specified Story so in case if sometimes when working parents are busy then this application will start an audio and can read bedtime story for your kid which helps kids to improve listening and speaking skills along with reading skills.Kids Bedtime Stories App has included offline support for the Favourite Story. If you like any of the Story then simply save it as your favourite story and then you can read this story offline too! So incase if you are travelling or any place where there is no internet connection still your kids will enjoy reading their favourite stories.Kids Bedtime Stories App encourages daily reading habit there by developing continuous reading habit.Kids Bedtime Stories App can also be useful for parents, babysitters, uncles, aunts, teachers to learn new stories and help their kids, toddlers and students for story telling.We will try our best to add new bedtime stories every week so as to enable kids and toddlers to learn more and more and develop reading habit.Do leave us your feedback, we would love to hear and make Kids Bedtime Stories Application better and best.
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