SQL Server Interview Full

This QUIZ has 202 questions about the inner workings of SQL Server.The contents of this application is based on my 20 years of experience as a PRODUCTION DBA. My primary role was to tune TSQL queries and stored procedures optimally given the available hardware at a client.The following topics will be discussed:- Optimizer/Cardinality Estimator- Locking/blocking/Latching.- Data/Procedure cache management.- Index Usage- Plan Reuse- Isolation levels- Query optimization- Query hintsImportant hints for using the app.- Long click on Next/Previous buttons, goes to the Next/Previous unanswered question.- By default, when you run the app, "Quiz Mode" is off (FAB Icon is Green), turn it ON to update the stats from settings or use FAB icon.- Your answers are saved when exit the app and if "Quiz Mode" in settings is ON or FAB Icon is Red.- If you want to uninstall the app, go to settings and see the section "Delete ALL"
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