400+ All Computer Keyboard Shortcuts Keys Picture

All Computer keyboard shortcuts app, gives you the Default shortcut keys in one app.Welcome to all computer keyboard shortcut app this app gives you the Default keyboard shortcuts in browser, adobe, CMD, Microsoft to save your time and using this computer Shortcut Keys to Finish your work as an lightening speed.In our Indian Apps contains more important shortcuts to save our time by our regular usages like Browser shortcut keys, Adobe Photoshop shortcut keys, All Windows shortcut keys, all command shortcut keys, Microsoft Excel shortcut keys, Microsoft Office shortcut keys are available in a single app.One of the strengths is that it makes extensive use of keyboard shortcuts, it's difficult to click the buttons and menus every time you need. So, here you may find 1000+ Shortcut keys for computer regular usages easy to reduce and save the time and also finished your works as an correct time.All Shortcut keys are available for Browser:Open a New Tab, Reopen the last closed tab, Open a link in a new tab, Open the download history, Bookmark the current website, Back/Forward to the Web pages, Switch to Tabs,Open web developer tool,...All Shortcut keys are available for Windows:Windows - Home, Windows - Overview, Windows - Installation, Windows - Getting Started,Windows - GUI Basics, Windows - Navigation, Windows - Start Menu, Windows - Taskbar,Windows - Quick Actions, Windows - Cloud, Windows - Email Management, Windows - Keyboard Shortcuts, Windows - System Tray, Windows - Media Management, Windows - Universal Apps, Windows - Multiple Desktops, Windows - Users Management, Windows - Security, Windows - Parental Control, Windows - Applications, Windows - Web Browsing,Windows - Networking, Windows - Tablet Mode, Windows - File Explorer, Windows - CortanaWindows - Notifications, Windows - Virtualization, Windows - Remote Access, Windows - Backup and Recovery, Windows - Project Spartan, Windows - Apps Management, Windows - Favorite Settings, Windows - Shortcuts, Windows - Phones,...All Shortcut keys are available for CMD:Run Calculator, Run Microsoft Excel (if installed), Run Microsoft Outlook (if installed), Run Notepad, Run Wordpad, Open Control Panel, Open Program Files folder, Shutdown Windows, Restart Windows, Log Off Windows, Registry Editor, Task Manager, Windows Update Launches,Character Map, Check Disk Utility, Clipboard Viewer, Free Cell, Hearts Card, Microsoft Chat,Minesweeper, On Screen Keyboard,Remote Desktop,Spider Solitaire, Telnet Client, Windows Magnifier,...All Shortcut keys are available for Word:Basics of ms word, Document formatting, How to create booklet, Document collaboration, Clip art, Ms word, Letterhead and template, Multi page document, Word options, Word shapes, Mail merge, Learn Microsoft word, Microsoft word, Ms office word, Word learning, Easy to learn word, Easy to use word, Word course, Free learning, Learning app, Learning from home, Word from home, Microsoft word table, Ms word learning...This is very useful app for learning of all computer shortcut keys.By learning shortcut keys you can save time and become more productive than ever.
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