Demonic Possession, The Syndrome

Demonic possession is believed to be the process by which individuals are possessed by malevolent preternatural beings, commonly referred to as demons or devils. Obsessions and possessions of the devil are placed in the rank of apparitions of the evil spirit among humans. It is obsession when the demon acts externally against the person whom it besets, and possession when he acts internally, agitates them, excites their ill humor, makes them utter blasphemy, speak tongues they have never learned, discovers to them unknown secrets, and inspires them with the knowledge of the obscurest things in philosophy or theology.Topics:# Ancestors have similar problems# A feeling of being blocked# A drinking or drug problem# He or she stops getting along with people# A presence other than your loved one is felt# Mental torment# Severe night terrors# A Strong Aversion to Spirituality# Obsessions# Self-harm
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