My French Assistant ( French Phrasebook )

This Assistant is designed to facilitate the communication of English speaking individuals traveling to France or other France speaking countries. This free app is also appropriate for people who are starting to learn French or those that are eager to improve their linguistic competence.My French Assistant contains over 3000 phrases and terms that are classified into 12 Main Categories which contains related Subcategories that make it easier to navigate in the application.Main Categories and some Subcategories are:- Conversation (Greetings, Introductions, Questions...)- Useful (Time, Weather, Numbers...)- Guest (Invitation, Visit, Family...)- Travel (With Car, With Train, With Plane...)- Hotel (Reservation, Reception, Accommodation...)- Restaurant (At the table, Menu, Eating...)- Services (Bank, Post, Telephone...)- Stores (Supermarket, Pharmacy, Shoe store...)- Health (At the doctor, At the dentist, At the oculist...)- Culture (Theatre, Music, Cinema...)- Activity (Soccer, Tennis, Winter sports...)- Job (Searching a Job)If you want to create your own category with your favorite phrases, you can do it through the option "favorite", by simply clicking the star icon positioned right from the English phrase.FEATURES:- 100% FOR FREE- No internet connection required - use where you want and when you want (offline).- Select the desired phrase in English to get the translation which is simultaneous spoken in native French language to hear the correct pronunciation.- Search - by simply clicking on the "magnifier" icon you'll get the option to search a desired phrase or term.If you have any remark about how to improve the application, we will be thankful to you in advance. Just send us your suggestion by e-mail at you like the app please don't forget to rate us in the Android Market.
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