Easy Living Box

The Easy Living Box is one of the BEST resource apps for college students. It's in-your-pocket encouragement and support. It's reminding you that it's internship application season while it's also midterm season. We've got you covered. It's telling you that it's ok to be broken down for a moment as long as you have every intention to get back up and heal. It's telling you that if you really feel like things are falling apart in your life, that it's ok and important to see an on-campus counselor. It is all of that and more. We're also a subscription box service where parents, family members, and friends can show constant support by sending care packages each month, full of items that college students need on a regular such as deodorant, detergent, soap, snacks and etc. We created this app because of the love and care we have for students and the resources we want to provide them to become successful as they approach the end of one of life's biggest steps, finishing college!
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