Rebbe 770

Long Live The Rebbe King Moshiach Forever! This app will help one do more good and bring the true and complete Redemption through Moshiach now! Technology will be used for good in this app:- Visit 770 Moshiach's House to be in the presence of the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlita will now be much easier with useful information. - Study Torah on the Topic of Moshiach and Geulah from the talks of the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlita, of the most recent we heard, known as Dvar Malchus (5751-2). The English translations of these Talks are now at your fingertips! Keeping track of addition in Mitzvah fulfillment will be easier than ever. - Share miracle stories that Hashem does for us by submitting stories and receiving other stories. - Easily send Brachah requests and good news to the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlita in 770 Beis Moshiach, where the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlita continues all of his holy activities including praying to Hashem for people and giving everyone Shlichus Mitzvah to give to Tzedakah. - Receive insights and on Moshiach adapted from Talks of the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlita. Contribute to continue all of this work. - Watch video lectures and classes- Image gallery of the Rebbe- Get Advice- Events Calendar- Join our mailing list - Keep a count of your Mitzvot
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