Workshop - Learn New Skills from Experts

Workshop makes it easy for you to learn new skills straight from the world's most experienced mentors. Follow along at your own pace as you are taken from novice to master in hands-on, easy to follow video-based courses.Learn by DoingWhy waste hours watching online tutorials and lectures when you can learn a skill simply by doing it?It's time to get your hands dirty. Follow along as your mentor guides you through every little step to mastering a new skill.Hand-Crafted CoursesStarting with the world of cooking, and soon expanding into new categories, Workshop gives you access to a range of super high-quality courses. Each course has been carefully crafted to ensure that you challenge yourself and learn something new.Set Your Own Pace No matter how big and complex the new skill, Workshop helps break it down into small and manageable chunks for you to learn at your own pace - giving you complete control over how, when and where you learn.As you progress, track every step from your personal in-app journal and share your new-found skills with the world. So what are you waiting for? Download Workshop today and learn something new!NOTEWorkshop is free to download, you only pay for the workshops which you'd like to do. Once you buy a workshop, it's yours to keep!
License Free
Version 1.3.4
Operating System Android